4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Natural Damage

Mother Nature is unpredictable and sometimes violent. This means that a homeowner needs to be prepared for different types of natural damage. Fortunately, from simple tie downs to basement waterproofing, there are many ways to protect a home from natural damage.  Here are four ways that a homeowner can take to help protect their home.

  1. Protection from wind. Wind damage can come in different forms: Downed trees and power lines, blown out windows and doors, and flying debris. The simplest way to protect a home and the surrounding property from wind is to put all yard equipment into a closed building, or secure it with straps or rope. Also nail down any loose siding or roofing.
  2. Protection from water. Water damage is perhaps the most common danger Mother Nature poses. It always runs downhill, so waterproofing is a particularly important way to protect a home. This can be done three ways:
  • Using interior wall and floor sealers. These can be applied much like paint and work best in combination with other methods or for minor condensation and dampness.
  • Correcting the drainage outside of the home. Prevent water from entering the foundation in the first place by sloping land way from the house, installing gutters and downspouts that lead water away from the foundation, protecting windows with metal or masonry window wells with gravel filled bottoms, and by caring for plants and shrubbery around the foundation to allow for better ventilation of the soil surrounding it.
  • Install an interior drainage system from an expert plumbing engineering firm. Basement waterproofing the best defense against interior damage, but installing a sump pump will direct accumulated water out and away from the foundation. It works by running trenches along the base of the foundation and filling them with drain tile. The water flows through these trenches to the pump, and is then removed.
  1. Protection from snow and ice. Cold weather brings snow and ice and these two substances can wreak havoc on a home. Snow becomes very heavy on a roof and can weaken it, so raking and even shoveling a roof after a large accumulation of snow will prevent any structural damage. Clear gutters of snow and ice to prevent an ice dam, which will inhibit melting snow from draining from the roof and cause water to back up into the home.
  2. Protection from pests. Like weather damage, the natural damage from pests can be devastating. Place waste in a secured container, seal up any entry points along the foundation, doors, window or roof, clear overgrowth from foundations, and install screens on windows and repair any holes.

While no one can predict exactly how Mother Nature will behave, the implementation of these measures can greatly reduce the damage that she may cause.

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