5 things to know before building your first Android App

Today, almost every second person in the world uses mobile applications for operating any of the product or services. This has made mobile app market grow splendidly and there is a noticeable increase in android app developers in Dubai. As Android is the highest used mobile operating system, Android application market dominates the business world. It has become the most successful business marketing platform to reach out to more users. Launching a mobile app for your business gives you the highest exposure worldwide and help you generate rich revenue. It is not only the medium of promotion, but it has a highly competitive market too.

So, one must have a mobile application if he expects his business to flourish and achieve goals, but building a mobile app is a little complicated and not so easy task. If you are a new bird in the programming world and are thinking of making your first Android app, then you must know these five things before you head for it.

  • Learn Java: Firstly, you will need to have a good knowledge of programming. Java is the programming language used in Android. It will help you with coding the structure of the app.
  • You must learn XML as well: XML is basically the android language which is used for the app designing. It is very easy to learn skill. Learning Java and XML will help you understanding the concepts of Android. You must use both these languages and learn how to connect them using logical concepts and principles of android.
  • You can take help of YouTube tutorials to learn how to install IDE (integrated development environment) like Android Studio or Eclipse. The IDE apps provide you a user interface to help you enter your codes easily. It makes debugging much easier by highlighting any coding errors occurred It allows you experimenting and testing new techniques and ideas so that you can identify the major issues coming your way.
  • Building an app takes time and you won’t get results overnight. You must be patient and work on it if you want to get the best outcome as a successful Android app. Even the expert Android app developers take time to create their mobile applications.
  • It is natural to get stuck on a problem when you are new at something. You can always turn to Google or the Stack Overflow. You can also ask for assistance from the experts. Searching over your doubts will help you understand it much better.

Apart from these, there are a few more things you should think of before giving it a start. Make a rough structure of what you exactly want. Don’t just start with a coherent plan instead, draw a basic idea of how you want your application to look like? What will be the basic feature you are going to use? Where will be the button and interactive elements of your app? What all resources you will be needing for developing a proper android app that portrays your business? Deciding on these points will ease your process of building an android app as you will get an easy picture of the coding you will need.

Now, before releasing your app you should conduct a proper market research as analysing the market will give you a clear insight about your competitors, their strategy, strengths, and weaknesses. Addition to this, you should also think of the audience you want to target as they play an important role impacting on the development of your mobile app. Who will be using your app and how it will help them are a few of the questions you should give it a thought.

If you are still in confusion and you need an advice, then you can turn to professional Android app developers.

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