Backlink Choices as Per the Requirement

15 Ways to Get More Backlinks and Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Backlinks are links that come from other websites and refer to you. The search engines see from backlinks that your website has weight and authority. As you will understand, this is part of link building SEO that you have considerably less control over yourself. Here you can read about backlinks, why they are so important, how to collect them and why they are part of search engine optimization. And all this in just 5 minutes of reading time.

What is link building and what are backlinks? 

What are backlinks? Link building is a famous and infamous SEO method. It helps you get a high ranking in the search results. If you apply link building, you ensure a good ratio of links to your own pages, links to external pages and links from external pages. Good link building tells the search engines that your website has a good structure, that your information is well-founded and that you have relevance in your field. A distinction is made between three different types of links. You can buy backlinks  in the right option now.

Internal links: with internal links you refer to your own pages on your own website. From this, the search engines deduce that your website is well organized and that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. You place these links yourself, but make sure you limit the amount. Too many internal links can cause confusion.

External links: external links are links that you place on your own website and that refer to another website. Again, it is important that you do not do this too much, because the search engine will then see it as suspicious. At the same time, it is essential that the links work and that they point to a quality website with authority. The search engines are also looking at that. Thus, a link to a government information page is much better than three links to websites whose honesty and sincerity are questioned. With external links you indicate that you can substantiate your information and that it is therefore true.

Backlinks: The last and most difficult category are the backlinks. These are links from external pages that point to your website and are therefore the most important of the three types of links. Google and many other search engines see backlinks as recommendations and that’s why they weigh so heavily. That, and the fact that they are difficult to realize yourself. There are methods by which you actively collect backlinks.

Why are backlinks so important? 

Backlinks are possibly Google’s oldest algorithm. In the early days they saw backlinks as the most important attribute of a website’s value. The more are the backlinks, the better are the Google rating and the higher the ranking in the search engine. Backlinks not only indicate how much value a website has, but also how popular it is and how valuable the information it contains. 


Other sites will not refer to your site if your information does not add something for their visitors. In the early years of Google, the amount of backlinks was mainly looked at, but this algorithm has been sharpened considerably over the years. Now the relevance and quality of the backlinks also matters and it is no longer just the amount that matters. It’s about quantity in combination with quality. If you are unable to give one of these two characteristics to your backlinks, your website will not be prioritized.

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