Best Practices for IT Project Plans

The best projects are processes that are essential to your business goals. These types of plans are configurable top of the line products that provides an information technology infrastructure library which is a project template, that can inevitably be adjusted to your specific business needs. Great products will have reporting and template tool helps with managing changes, incidents, problems and other information technology requests. Their templates will often include a recommended service catalog and basic reports tools to create projects that are both run by their administrators only.

Work Products

To implement a robust service catalog, these products will often use simple forms that give customers clear and concise options for requesting help. The feature makes sure you are paired with the correct service agent and makes the customer a high priority. The catalogs found in these products will often come with pre-loaded common request types: IT help, reporting a system problem, request new account, setup VPN, onboard new employee, fix an account problem, guest Wi-Fi account and more.

Information bases that are made for customer access that can help customers serve themselves and keep a record of known solutions is called a knowledge base. With a knowledge base, customers receive a big boost in service and two important things happen: 1. Your customers find answers in a customer portal (They can locate answers to different issues with a delay or human assistance) and 2. Human assistance is expedited with proper resources that can help in any incident.

Another important feature found in these process programs is service desk association with workflows which allows the client to assign a request type to an underlying issue type. Information technology groups can use numerous workflows solutions: service request fulfillment, change, incident, and problem management. These allow you to have many customer request forms that follow the same workflow. For example, two similar issues can be categorized into a single labeled service workflow category.

Large Network

During this last year, products like theseupheld more than 25,000+ users from big name companies to smaller companies. Of these companies, 40% are currently using these types of products, like Jira Service Desk Implementation, and claim the following flexible features: custom fields, workflows, permissions and notifications. In addition, the service team for these types of products will often provide queues, reports, automation and service-level agreement.


Testimonies for thesetypes of products include, “Ease of use for end users”, “90% of contact centers offer email”, and “40% of people prefer self-service over human contact”. The companies that produce these items are of praised for their less is more approach. They are also praised for their commonly held belief that knowledge is power and a customizable product allows you to make it your own.

In the News

According to a PC Magazine article the pros of these types of products are vast. One pro for these products is the trial service that allows testers to experience full functionality for a trial period only. The trial allows customizable dashboards and pre-defined reports with supported widgets.

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