Crowdfunding made easy for someone who has no social media presence

Getting your project crowdfunded without social media accounts is not really easy. But the thing is that a large section of Indians is yet to catch up with social media even with all the multilingual options.

There are a number of reasons for that. The primary one is lack of literacy. Then there are problems faced by the older generation and the job commitments of the younger. With each passing day, more and more youngsters are actually taking this step of keeping away from social media altogether. Yet even for such busy professionals, funds during emergencies become a daunting prospect.

So how to get crowdfunded even without social media accounts? Crowdfunding India is the answer.

Crowdfunding India is independent of social media. You just need the minimal amount of money to start your fundraiser. Of course, social media presence is a huge bonus really because it helps get the message across faster. But platforms like ImpactGuru have attained enough reputation to help clients even without social media accounts.

The importance of social media presence is directly related to the kind of emergency. Medical emergencies need immediate attention. They also demand the most credibility especially in populous countries like India with poorly developed public healthcare system and mostly unaffordable private healthcare. Crowdfunding India has made a real headway with the success of its medical fundraisers and can be relied upon by anyone irrespective of social standing and presence.

Here are a few steps people with no social media accounts can take note of.

  • ·The first step would be to start your fundraiser on a reliable platform, like Crowdfunding India. Their reputation would ensure the visibility and credibility people without social media accounts desperately need.
  • · Talk to people who are very good at managing social media, especially those who run blogs and websites. They know how to share a message far and wide. They would also contribute to your fundraiser with their social media consumer base and necessary tips.
  • · Look into the story carefully before putting it up. Remember that without social media accounts, donors would have no way of performing a background check on you. Crowdfunding India has a dedicated team to guide you through every process. Their platform fees make it unbelievably easy.
  • · Meet up with people with the power and knowledge around you. Strategize. Go back to the old ways and make use of the good old traditional media to spread your message.

In this day and age, there is really no good alternative to staying connected on the internet. But at the same time, there is no ignoring the harsh realities of life. However, with the increasing popularity of crowdfunding platforms like Crowdfunding India, the solution to these problems is right around the corner.

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