Don’t miss to have the landing page on your website

Landing page is not necessarily to be the home page of the website. Rather it is the webpage on which you want your customers to land on. Generally, the web visitors are directed on the landing page through link shared on email and social media. Hence, whenever the visitors click on those links they are directed towards the landing page of your website.

SEO of the landing page of the website

Since the marketing campaigns are quite short so it is not necessary that the visitors shall land on the landing page of your website which provides most of the information to them. So, it is important to get the landing page optimized for the search engine and get your traffic diverted on it. Click on the link to get the best SEO services.

Practices to create SEO landing page

 There are general practices which are helpful in creating the search engine friendly landing pages. Some of practices which are followed by the experts at Minneapolis SEO – Hook Agency are:

  • Publish the landing page with your own domain name. This will not only help in directing the web traffic on the landing page but your website will also appear in the search list when a user searches for the related keywords.
  • Add keywords in the right way in your landing page. Include keywords in Meta tag, title, headings and in the introduction of the content.
  • Create as many back links. These are like the votes for your website and help you to get more and more traffic on your website.
  • You are required to provide all the relevant details about your business, products and services on this page.  So that even if the visitors do not go through your entire website, he/she can come to know about the speciality of your business.  This enables the visitors to stay back for the longer time or return back on your website.

You don’t have to be a technical guy to optimise the landing page of your website to drive in more traffic on your website.

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