How secure are your mobile phones?

We are a generation that gloats over its technological developments and one particular development that stands out from the rest and something that has permeated everyone’s life from the richest to the not so rich is mobile phone. This little device along with the high speed internet has indeed changed the world and changed our lives. We are kept highly engaged whether we are at home, at work or traveling. Smartphones rule the rooster today and has become the most essential gadget of our lives. However, these smartphones have also made us highly vulnerable to security threats which most of do not realize.

We think that we are safe with a complicated unlock pattern or with a clever password. Do you know that these security features do not really protect you and that you know very little about online security? Most of the security issues and security vulnerabilities have to do with what happens after the data leaves your device and that is why you should be looking for advanced security features such as SkyECC security to keep all these dangers at bay. Yes we are talking about you opting for an encrypted phones. We will not be surprised if you are hearing this term ‘encrypted phone’ for the first time because that is the ignorance level of the customers today who are well-versed with the hardware and other software features of their latest mobile phones. The plain truth is that if you do not have an encrypted phone you do not have the best online protection and data security.

You have no idea that how what you think as insignificant piece of data could be used for by some of the unscrupulous elements out there and you do not want to take any chances with your own online security. With Sky ECC you enjoy the maximum protection possible which makes it impossible for the hacker to access your data even when it leaves your phone.

It will be a grave mistake on your part not to opt for SkyECC data protection app even after learning about the vulnerability threats that you could possibly be facing right now as you are reading this. Whether it is your emails, chats or other formats of data everything is encrypted so that the information you send out from your phone is accessed and only accessed by the person for whom it is intended.

As much as we are proud of our own technological advancement we have as much responsibility to keep our data safe and not be careless. Get your SkyECC protection now so that the loopholes in the current PGP system does not make you vulnerable anymore but give you the ultimate protection that you deserve, which even Brute Force techniques cannot penetrate. Better late than never! Act now, get your encrypted phone now and enjoy complete peace of mind no matter what kind of data you are transmitting using your phone, highly personal, intimate or extremely sensitive official data.

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