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So you all may know about the most popular FIFA 19. The game has been giving tough competition to all its competitors because of its enormous success.

But, you might not know about the amazing features this game is offering. This game might be very similar to its predecessors FIFA 18 but it has some new great features that you should know.

Here we are going to have complete detail of all the exciting new features of FIFA 19.

Shot In The Dark

Now, you can smash the ball even sweeter than ever before. All you need to do is to tap the Circle/B two times, just when your player’s foot touches the ball.

Once you get the timing right, the ball will fly into the top corner. If you missed the shot, then you are well aware of the results.

Secretive Goal Kicks

Well, if you love to play at back as a Goal Keeper, then this section will be interesting for you.

Previously, when you want to pass the ball to your friend located at centre-back or right-back, then the camera moves along with your stick. From now on, it’s not gonna happen again.

Second Player Markers

It is really great to have a grey marker above the selected player during defending. Through this, you will be able to know about the second man and which player you should switch to.

Running Patterns

Now, it is easy for you to let you full-back know about the type of run when on the attack. All you need to do is to go into the instructions tab in the team management.

You will have an option to let your full-backs overlap the winger or underlap into the pitch centre.

Defensive Positioning

Here is yet another option for the new player instruction, that allows you to guide your midfielder either to cover wing or park’s centre.

Mini-Map Magic

One of the two team players will have triangular icons rather than having circular ones on the mini-map. It is just for quick and easy identification of rival teams’ players.

Plan Ahead

The Game plan features allow to set up some tactics and plans before the match. It is just to change the game plans in the meantime if you got a strong goal from the opposition.

Or just to defend your goal leads. Once your plan gets ready, you can just utilize the d-pad in-game to change your defence or attack settings. It seems really helpful.

Commentators’ League

EA has just updated the Champions League logo along with a new commentary team for the European tournament. Derek Rae and Lee Dixon are the key commentators in the Champions League.

Europa League

Do not get lost in the excitement of getting the Champion League. You will get more excited to play the Europa League in FIFA. It is just a piece of good news for folks Following Arsenal.

Customizers’ League

You will be able to see the Champions League in The Journey, Career Mode and Ultimate Team. However, you can enjoy it in its own standalone mode.

Moreover, you will have an option to set up a custom Champions League. You will have an option to add any team you like.

Defensive Styles

Now, you will have more control over the defensive style of your team. So, you will have an option to change the settings by going to “pressure after possession loss,” “constant pressure,” “drop back,” “balanced,” and “pressure on heavy touch.”


Scoring header becomes easier from corner kicks. Because your player will hang in the air for a longer time while jumping. As well as, more dynamic runs can be made by the players.

Tactical Depth

Moreover, you will have an option to adjust the number of players you locate forward either for corner kicks or attack on the opposition. It is the most common feature available in every game mode.

A Touch Of Class

EA has added some new and great touch system. Through this system, you will be able to enjoy the great first touches will different body parts. This shows that you will have more control over the ball.

Feint Attack

Along with the active touch system, you will now have an option to feint to go in one production before getting a pass. But, it will be tough for the defender.

A Touch Of Class Part 2

With a touch of class, you now be able to hit the ball more powerfully and easily.

Moreover, the right-weighted step will have a slight touch to the left and vice versa.

It will have a dual effect of getting a more dynamic look. Moreover, it will be easy for you to fool your opponent.

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