Pro Tips to Create Compelling Explainer Video

As the e-commerce market is flourishing more and more marketers are drawn towards using explainer ideas as an effective means to deliver the information across the target audience. A simple video of about sixty to ninety seconds can drive a surplus in sales and can make it much simpler for marketers to educate customers about the usage and procedure of their new product line.

However, the only best tip to make your video a success is by creating a compelling and appropriate script for your video. Read on and learn the things you should include in your script.

The creative brief or commonly known as a script of an animated video needs to be written using a proper knowledge of the product along with having a flare of creativity. The script is the most important thing in an animated video. Your first sentence should be captivating enough to hold the attention of the reader and creates an urge and desire in him to read more.

Now, remember that to write a script you need to have easy-to-understand language. Do not try to add jargons or tricky phrases. Keep things simple and catchy. The attention span of online users is short and it is decreasing rapidly so you need a video that can easily infuse the core message in them without creating any distraction.  

Moreover, your script should be dedicated to serving a purpose and it should be valuable. It should be based on the simple format of first addressing about the product, explaining its purpose in showing its benefits and then adding a call to action. You do not have to follow complicated method just keep your focus to your goals and jump straight into it.

“The less you say, the more likely people are to remember.”

A 60-seconds video should be precise and interesting. You should keep as little words as possible and keep the sentences short as well. There could be a lot to deliver but you have to understand the purpose of your video ad that is to only provide an overview of your services to the customers. And it’s better if you keep that overview short and precise.

Furthermore, quality audio is important to add an appeal in your explainer videos. A poor voice over will kill a video in less than a minute. Using voice-overs with clear a fresh tone will help you compel your audience. In addition, you need to make sure that your audio present the content is a clear and understandable tone. The last thing that you need to learn is incorporating a professional tone. You have to use an utterly corporate language style. Along with this try to add a little bit of interactive content so that you can connect with your people.

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