The Future of Open Source Software Marketing Automation

If a person requested you to mention some of the open source software marketing automation brands, it is most likely that you will mention Intercom, Pardot, Marketo or Hubspot. And whereas all of the above examples are reputable brands that have developed great products, it is highly anticipated that there is a new brand that is on its way to joining the list in a short while – Mautic, which undoubtedly, comes out as a growing brand that has the potential and power of disrupting the whole existing playground. Mautic can be described as an open source marketing automation software which is said to have been prowling in the dark for some time, and it is believable that after releasing the 2.0 version, it can now come out of the shadows and join others in the light. To some extent, this particular automation software works almost in a manner similar to WordPress. This simply means that a person is capable of getting a hosted type on, or downloading a self-hosted type on

There is no difference between the two hosted versions. However, the version whose hosting is done on is not payable and as such is associated with some restrictions especially with regards to the emails that one is capable of sending and the contacts they are capable of creating. On the other hand, the pro version whose hosting is done on has neither restrictions nor specialized support. It should be noted that thus version is not free like the former. The only version of Mautic open source marketing automation platform is the self-hosted one, which also happens to come without a price tag. But what does it take to install the Mautic software?

The proper installation and configuration of this platform is generally a simple process although there is need for one to have a bit of technical knowhow. In any case a person’s technical competency is not up to par and they just feel like playing over with Mautic then they could possibly get it fixed and operational on their own. Nonetheless, for anybody who desires to utilize the platform in a production setting, it is highly recommendable that they involve an individual who has enough technical and server knowledge. A skilled professional’s installation of the software will mean that there will be very little or no technical hitches that might bring more problems to its effectiveness.

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