What is the principles of a web conference? Why is it important for business meetings?

The advantages of online meetings for companies are multiple. Especially in those in which workers carry out their tasks from different parts of the world. As sometimes it is necessary to remember the points treated to not forget any detail, you should learn how to record a video conference. But how to do it? Today you will see how to use some programs that you can use not only to record your meetings, but also to make webinars and then post them on your website or send them to your colleagues.

Modern day technologies

The new technologies provide business opportunities that just a couple of decades ago seemed really impossible. One of them is the home office video conferencing, a way to hold a meeting, give a talk or teach new products without the need for all the participants to meet in the same room. This term comes from the English word webinar, created by the combination of web terms and seminar. However, despite coming from the same root, it is not the same as a web conference.

Differences between web video conferencing and webinar

A web video conference is an online meeting in which the traditional office room is replaced by the screen of the computers of each of the participants. In this way, a professional exchange of information can be maintained remotely such as screen sharing. And without the need for all participants to be in the same location.Although in this type of online conferences everyone has the same ability to intervene when appropriate, in general there is a person who acts as host and who organizes and moderates the meeting.

The webinar, on the other hand, is more thought of as a mainly unidirectional form of communication. Although, participants can send their questions or questions through a chat application. In these seminars usually only one person has the voice and all the others listen. So it is widely used to perform online training. What the webinar allows is the simultaneous participation of hundreds of people in the training. On the other hand, online conference room equipment are focused on transmitting information about the company as a traditional meeting.

Conclusion: Do more than talk

Use the application of professional web conference platform to share files or screen while you are together, as this way you can all work with the same documents. You can also point out any question that arises in the common chat while another person is holding an exhibition. This has a double objective: do not interrupt it and do not forget the doubt.

It is as simple as setting a schedule that is common for all attendees, and celebrating the meeting. Something as complicated a priori as working with companies or professionals with time zones totally different from yours, can be solved in a simple way with meetings of coordination and monitoring through videoconference in common schedules. Take the advantage of the system and modern utilities.

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